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Herb & Dorothy makes some interesting counterbalance to the recent documentaries about Albert C. Barnes and his collection of art.

Recently, Mr. Lousy and Raúl have become fixated on Albert C. Barnes, his priceless collection of artwork, and the bitter battle over the possession and purpose of said collection under the ever-shifting auspices of the Albert C. Barnes Foundation.

Albert C. Barnes. You don’t fuck with this guy. They had to wait decades after his death before crossing his last will and testament.

The story is fascinating, infuriating, and enlightening, one in which assumed good guys (big name charitable foundations) really do act like bad guys, and little (or littler) guys can seem selfish, snobbish, and condescending. I wrote about the one-sided film The Art of the Steal, Read the rest of this entry »

A little while ago Raul wrote about The Art of the Steal. I did indeed recommend it to Raul. I’m not sure I said it was a heist specifically but it did come out of a conversation about heist films. I too love a good heist movie and agree that half the fun is rooting for the what are technically the bad guys – the thieves. Raul Topkapi is super fun and I have been to the actual Topkapi Read the rest of this entry »

Mr. Lousy recommended that I see this, if memory serves me, while we waxed warmly over one of our common favorite genres: the heist film.  The more elaborate the better, I always felt.  Some of them leave me spellbound – Jules Dassin’s glamourous, humorous, gorgeous Topkapi with Melina Mercouri and Peter Ustinov; and Spike Lee’s grey, claustrophobic puzzle Inside Man. Others leave me cold: I’ve wondered what is wrong with me that I can’t even sit through Norman Jewison’s Read the rest of this entry »