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Homecoming - Library

BtVS succeeds yet again in digging through the hidden cabinet of my favorite tropes and spinning gold from the wonders within! I’ve already covered how much I enjoyed what Marti Noxon did with my treasured parasitic possession/replacement fixation (à la Invasion of the Bodysnatchers) in Bad Eggs, and now with David Greenwalt’s Homecoming, they’ve struck my personal paydirt once more, this time with “the world’s most dangerous game”: hunting humans for sport! Read the rest of this entry »

Angel chained and on his knees: Buffy's solution to the boyfriend problem.

Angel chained and on his knees: Buffy’s solution to the boyfriend problem.

Marti Noxon has written some great scripts for BtVS up to this point in the series. I Only Have Eyes for You is my probably favorite, in which she uses a standard ghost possession trope to dig at Buffy’s loss of Angel, her self-recrimination, and the buried anger that she cannot Read the rest of this entry »

Faith's debut

Season Three is following the same pattern as s2 – when Whedon used the initial ep to shore up the events of the finale while accounting for the intervening summer. Unlike many fans, I found s2’s When She Was Bad quite satisfactory in this regard. Whedon dallied another week Read the rest of this entry »


I see Dead Man’s Party as the second shoe dropping in the fallout over Buffy’s s2 finale decision to abandon slayerdom, Sunnydale, friends, and family without a word of warning or an attempt at communication over the summer. In last week’s Anne season opener, Buffy had to face herself; here she has to face the consequences of what she’s done to others. We understand Buffy’s selfishness in her flight, but now we have Read the rest of this entry »

Anne with skeleton

A particularly miserable Lily/Anne and the skeleton of a lost youth.

I’ve already discussed my feelings on Lily/Anne as a figure of hope in Whedon’s bleak world when she appeared in one of my favorite episodes, Lie to Me. Her return comes just as Buffy herself requires an infusion of hope once she’s abandoned her sense of self and plunged Read the rest of this entry »

Andy Fucking Hardy.

Andy Fucking Hardy.

As a child, I hated Mickey Rooney. His Andy Hardy films frequently turned up on the two cable stations that my family got during competing Saturday afternoon movie marathons, which caused me no end of bitter frustration as I wanted Ma and Pa Kettle every week without fail. I’d take Abbott and Read the rest of this entry »

Angel at the portal

Another confession: I went back and tinkered with my Season Two rankings, flipping the positions of the two Becoming episodes, dropping this one from #2 to #3. I still love it for its overall intensity, the Buffy/Spike teaming, the revelation of slayerhood to Joyce, the witchery of Read the rest of this entry »

Sasha's Darla and Liam

Confession: I re-re-watched the two-part season two finale. I wasn’t sure what to make of the Becoming episodes when I attempted my second season rankings because I couldn’t isolate my original reaction from my current one, which felt as if I were dutifully closing up the season Read the rest of this entry »

The male cast of Dark Shadows has already proven itself to me as the gayest in television history, with actors running the gamut of onscreen persona from snobbish queen and fussy dandy (Louis Edmonds as Roger) to dreamboat hunk (Joel Crothers as Joe/Lt. Forbes) to rugged suit man (Anthony George as Burke #2/Jeremiah) to outlandishly queer outcast (Jonathan Frid as Barnabas), but lo and behold, in March of 1968, they’ve outdone themselves with the brief addition of Craig Slocum, playing ne’er-do-well sailor Read the rest of this entry »

Barnabas may have terrorized me as a child, but Jonathan Frid’s stumbling through dialogue with his desperate paraphrasing and faulty improvisation brings me no end of delight as an adult. This snippet from March of ’68 (in the 1795 storyline) contains back-to-back treasures related to Angelique and the curse she set upon Barnabas, as explained to Joshua Collins, played by Read the rest of this entry »