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Andy Fucking Hardy.

Andy Fucking Hardy.

As a child, I hated Mickey Rooney. His Andy Hardy films frequently turned up on the two cable stations that my family got during competing Saturday afternoon movie marathons, which caused me no end of bitter frustration as I wanted Ma and Pa Kettle every week without fail. I’d take Abbott and Read the rest of this entry »

My Movie March 2014

If February was light March was positively sparse for movie watching. March was definitely the month of the TV binge.  An HBO GO password appeared and binging of True Detective and Enlightened ensued. Games of Thrones Seasons 1-3 on DVD was necessary to ramp up for the Season 4 premiere tonight. Sundance Channel’s excellent docu-series The Staircase played out more dramatically than any film possibly could via Netflix. As TV continues to justify the long-form of series, movies just got pushed out this month.

28 – Fruitvale Station – no black-and-white
29 – Dallas Buyer’s Club – McConnaissnce is real
30 – Veronica Mars – just for marshmallows
31 – A Bug’s Life – doesn’t sacrifice story


My Movies February 2014

There’s been some sharing of movie lists between myself and Clem. This month Clem was pushing Jayne Mansfield as I pushed into the Pixar oeuvre. A lot of Buffy watching precluded more movie viewing.

19 – Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? – Tony Randall stud?
20 – August Osage County – not too theatery
21 – Warm Bodies – surprisingly sweet, hopeful
22 – The Girl Can’t Help It – her boobs can’t
23 – Cars – not the best
24 – Coriolanus (National Theatre Live movie presentation) – quite prescient Shakespeare
25 – Kinsey – William Sadler’s creep
26 – The Incredibles – wonderful esoteric references
27 – The LEGO Movie – delight after delight

Angel at the portal

Another confession: I went back and tinkered with my Season Two rankings, flipping the positions of the two Becoming episodes, dropping this one from #2 to #3. I still love it for its overall intensity, the Buffy/Spike teaming, the revelation of slayerhood to Joyce, the witchery of Read the rest of this entry »

Sasha's Darla and Liam

Confession: I re-re-watched the two-part season two finale. I wasn’t sure what to make of the Becoming episodes when I attempted my second season rankings because I couldn’t isolate my original reaction from my current one, which felt as if I were dutifully closing up the season Read the rest of this entry »