Sophia Loren plays dual roles, but she's really fit for the queen.

Sophia Loren plays dual roles, but she’s really fit for the queen. Her disdainful bosom-gaze here is prophetic of the famous shot of her staring down Jayne Mansfield’s breasts.

Watchable ONLY for a very young Sophia Loren in the title role, this film is otherwise an excruciatingly unfunny attempt at farcical comedy. Loren makes a fantastic, haughty, stunning, and cunning Cleopatra. We get to watch Loren as queen-goddess cement herself as a movie-goddess by the film’s end! (She also plays a look-alike slave-ingenue to a far diminished effect.) Alberto Sordi tries to get laughs with his buffoonish character, but it’s sub-par Three Stooges material that left me aching to revise the entire Mario Mattoli film, cut out the myriad of laughless, drawn-out gags, and give the queen her rightful place at the center of the film.

NOTE: This trailer is so much better than the movie!