Ghost Willow trading cardHalloween, how do I love thee?

  • After two consecutive detours (Reptile Boy and Inca Mummy Girl), we finally have our Spike back!
  • We have a new villain, Ethan Rayne. He’s like mischief turned deadly. Fun but fatal. And he’ll be back – another bit of bonus knowledge from my second viewing.
  • Cursed costumes! Buffy gets to play the fainting flower, Willow winds up both ghost and dress-up slut, Xander regains some stolen masculinity as a soldier, and Cordy (uncursed) wears the ubiquitous skintight cat costume of the nineties.

Sacha's Halloween with BXC

  • Kids turning into monsters on front porches!
  • Memory/identity loss! I believe this is the first time that this happens to Buffy. Xander has been spellbound/cursed before – in The Pack. Keeping track of identity tampering/alteration would be another tallying task – each time one of the gang becomes not quite him/herself. (Willow alone could be a project – and a point of debate.)
  • In fact, please note that although Willow did become her costume, the ghost, she never lost her wits like Buffy or Xander. Just Ghost Willow teetering around in the slut costume.

Ghost Willow

  • Ripper! Actually, I wish I could be more excited about Ripper, but I don’t think they did enough with this phase of Giles’ life. I’ll return to my Ripper frustrations later, but hey, it’s a peek at Giles, who up to this point was a bit of a cypher outside the library save for his Miss Calendar infatuation.
  • Spike on a tear through Sunnydale accompanied by tiny trick-or-treaters morphed into mini-monsters: priceless. 

Xander Halloween sculptureWillow Halloween costumeThis was an episode that pulled off exposition of distant past, introduction of a new character, revelations about familiar characters, and chaos, literally a worshipped Chaos, loosed on the streets of Sunnydale. On Halloween!

Willow Palisades

I love Halloween!

Waffle Meringue presents Halloween.

Waffle Meringue presents Halloween.