Teacher's Pet Buffy by Sasha

OK, so my dread of sitting though this one again was what stopped last year’s attempt at a series re-watch dead in its tracks. But I plunged ahead this month and to my surprise found it rather entertaining. Yes, I think after last week’s Witch, it’s a comedown, and yes, they need to get a tighter focus on this season’s threat, The Master, but it’s still a fun episode that gives Xander his first spotlight and it’s our second (in a row!) featuring a female villain with a hidden identity – a fucking praying mantis even vampires steer clear of!

We have a pretty good idea as soon as Miss French shows up to prompt hard-ons in biology class that she’s not a run-of-the-mill substitute, but whodathunk she was there to collect virgins for mantis mating! The best male virgin sacrifice this side of The Wicker Man!

Dr. Gregory's last student conference.

Dr. Gregory’s last student conference.

Of course Xander winds up on her purity must-have list, but he’s preceded by the sexually boastful Blaine, who turns out to be full of hot air, and presumably the stern but kindhearted Dr. Gregory, whose decapitated cadaver Cordelia finds in the lunchroom freezer. (And what about all those eggs he fertilized deposited in the science storage closet?)

The episode is fun and sexy and perhaps a bit too silly for this early in the series, but hey, a bit of amusement and a hot teacher may have been the wise way to go in collecting fans at this point.

green nail polish

Miss French is even hot eating a sandwich full of grubs or some nasty shit. And check out the green nail polish!