Only three episodes in and they’re already using Barbies as voodoo dolls.

On top of that, Whedon establishes the series as episodic as well as seasonal in storytelling. Witch is the first monster-of-the-week episode, and befitting a show largely about teenage girls, they make the monster a mother. In addition to serving as a contrast to Buffy’s busy, often not wholly attuned mom, the cheerleading-obsessed witch gets to be Buffy’s first non-vampire foil.

cheerleader combustion

Spontaneous combustion sabotage!


Eradication of Cordy’s pupil and iris features!

mouth sealed

Let’s lead a silent cheer!

The introduction of Amy pleased me immensely since I now know she will be with us for seasons to come, though not always in human form. Maybe I should tally Amy’s appearances both at Sunnydale and in her Habitrail™.

Witch may have been the most fun out of all season one. Though it didn’t move the narrative with The Master anywhere, the story did continue the smart plotting and sly character trickery (here with a body exchanging twist, which witch is which – shades of Buffy/Faith in the future!) that we got a taste of in the two-part introduction.

Oh yeah, and one of the best closing shots of the entire series:

witch conclusion