Actually they don’t just come out at night. They are out all over the damn place. What is with all the jackets? At some point I will have to do some serious work on the jacket issue. I have already spent too much searching for images which apparently do not exist. I could really use some GoogleGlass right now and blink a screenshot from my tv into my computer. guess I could watch on my laptop and do some screen grabs. But while I continue to become more fascinated with the Buffy costumer’s apparent obsession with jackets I am equally not interested enough to put in any extra effort.

I have not come up with an adequate explanation for all the jackets. I love them myself. I have far too many but even for someone who has both a long and short puffy coat for the winter, two peacoats, two wool coats and I swear to god a wool cape I have to say Buffy needs to cool it with the outerwear.
This is all about the jackets. While I don’t believe the episode has any impact on the jackets I’ll give the briefest info in case someone can actually figure out some kind of rationale or pattern.


S1 Ep10 – NightmaresThis is a monster of the week episode with some heavy leanings. Everyone lives out their worst nightmare most notably Buffy’s dad tells her she is the reason her parents got divorced.

Jackets – so far the only episode with only one jacket – the light blue one – however she wears it for almost the entire episode


S1 Ep11 – Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Another monster of the week with the lightest of light political commentary. A girl everyone ignores eventually becomes invisible. And possibly a sociopath which makes her a great recruit for the CIA.

Jackets – 3! The most so far with two new ones but still all the same trench collar and similar cut.
1 – rust crushed velvet – yeah remember crushed velvet?
2 – black leather – soon to be a signature look
3 – grey twill which she seems to only carry – but why?


S1 Ep 12 – Prophecy GirlWhat does a girl wear to meet her destiny? The worst fashion faux pas – a jacket shorter than her dress. By a long shot. This just isn’t done ok ladies? I hate this look and the stupid wedding dress of a prom dress Joyce gets for Buffy. Stupid Joyce. But I digress.
1 – black hoodie
2 – carries some light grey jacket I think – again with the carrying!
3 – black leather worn atrociously over her dress for the dance

S2 Ep 13 – When She Was Bad
Buffy comes back from summer vacation acting so bitchy even Cordelia has to tell her to take it down a notch. This is also where Buffy sexy dances – soon to be added to the opening credits. I forgot she did this tease act with Xander.
1 – black leather, of course
2 – beige suede?
3 – and it must be mentioned, Somehow the jacket fever spreads to Angel putting him in the blandest, most generic beige jacket. This is the central casting of male jackets. I believe everyone learned a hard lesson here and perhaps over-corrected keeping Angel is dark trenches for the rest of his days.

S2 Ep 14 – Some Assembly Required
Wannabe Frankesteiners build a girl from dead cheerleaders for a brother who bit it too soon while Giles dials up the British in trying to ask out Miss Calendar.
1 – floral?
S2 Ep15 – School Hard
Spike and Drusilla arrive and I am so wildly entertained I completely forget my jacket count. I was delightfully reminded that Spike coined the name “The Annoying One” before quickly dispatching with said annoying one. I do believe though that there were ZERO jackets in this episode. None! Apparently the wardrobe department was also enthralled with Spike and Drusilla, diverting them from the weekly jacket parade. Or they finally discover the cardigan.

S2 Ep 16 – Inca Mummy Girl
Poor Xander. He just can’t catch a break. A buggy substitute teacher, Buffy rejection and now an Incan mummy girl (was this title a placeholder?) who loves him but not as much as she loves sucking out his lifeforce to stay alive.
1 – black hoodie

So that’s that. By the way – Raul you have got to get that ventriloquist dummy out of the image library. He keeps freaking me out every time I upload an image.