The Ugly Dachshund (1966); directed by Norman Tokar;  screenplay by Albert Aley


The movie is essentially a string of old Warner Brothers cartoon skits where animals destroy everything in the house, played out in sad non-animation by four Dachshunds, a Great Dane, and an unfortunate Dean Jones. Suzanne Pleshette has the thankless role of Jones’s shrewish wife, while Mako has an insulting  part as a caterer’s assistant, and the dvd extra about his career reveals almost nothing, especially in regard to his career-long struggle to break out of horrible stereotyped Asian roles  – perfectly exemplified by this one.  A promised subplot involving a cat burglar is forgotten entirely, and instead replaced by a dog-show showdown finale where the Great Dane has to learn that he is not a Dachshund. Painfully boring live-action Disney.