Dr. Woodard has been murdered, Sam is despondent, and Maggie (Kathryn Leigh Scott) is putzing around the house in the most outlandish outfit yet to grace Dark Shadows by 1967.


I showed this clip to a co-worker, who, rather than focus on Maggie’s Ohrbach’s-provided attire, expressed disappointment that Sam and Maggie were “normal people” (not vampires, ghosts, or whatever else she imagined Dark Shadows to be entirely composed of).

That dress isn’t normal!” I decried. “Is it even a dress? I can’t tell if the seemingly velour top is connected to what appears at first glance to be a bedspread with a floral quilt pattern. Is it a floor-length skirt?”

I found Maggie’s choice of clothing for hanging around the house to be far more alarming than most of the supernatural phenomena on the program, save for when Barnabas transforms into a bat and you can see the pole that the rubbery creature is hanging from in the shot.

Yet my co-worker did question whether whatever was covering the lower half of Maggie’s body and swept the floor below her ankles constituted a dress or a skirt.

gharara“Are those ghararas? You know, those pants with the super-wide, flared legs?”

On closer inspection, I have decided that Maggie is indeed wearing pants, though I’m not sure they technically qualify as a traditional gharara. Maybe if women created them out of a technicolor floral print quilted bedspread acquired from Woolworth’s in the late sixties. Then, yes, Maggie is wearing a gharara.