Scorpio long posterHow can you go wrong with Alain Delon as an international assassin who loves kitties? Burt Lancaster is his hitman mentor until Delon is hired to kill him.

Alain Delon outrageously sexy in Scorpio

Alain Delon as outrageously sexy international assassin; code name: Scorpio.

There is one excellent chase ending with a boom at a construction site; the rest of this Michael Winner film tends to plod.

Aside from the two leads, the cast isn’t very interesting, and the tension between Lancaster and Delon could have been amped up if the script had placed more emphasis on their relationship earlier in the film.

Still, the scenes where Delon is cuddling with kittens are priceless and make the whole movie worth the time.

Alain Delon with kitten

Alain Delon as outrageously sexy international cat lover; code name: Scorpio.