Remember Gimme a Break!, the eighties sitcom starring Nell Carter? Raúl sure does, enough so that the split-second the actor who played the dad on the show, Dolph Sweet, turned up on Dark Shadows, an uproar broke out in the house. Uproar!


Also, shouldn’t the name Dolph Sweet be recycled for gay porn? As an homage, I mean.

Also, what real estate in my brain was holding the cast from Gimme a Break! in the holster, red hot for instantaneous and unwarranted retrieval , when I cannot remember my own license plate and recalling my land line number is iffy? Can I get someone to clean that shit up?

Here’s a bit from a local Alabama talk show in which Dolph Sweet and Nell Carter talk over clips of the pilot episode that do not resemble what my memory holds as the set and the kids from the actual series, which I’ll lay odds is an accurate image, because, let’s face it, my brain knows Gimme a Break! better than I’d ever feared.