Season 4.

I like the opening sequence better. It’s a fast clip sequence of Sydney in disguise – I counted 50. So that’s fun. That’s also where the fun seems to stop. I’m on episode 6 now and in the words of Sydney during her first briefing with Sloane – I can’t believe this.

APO – Authorized Personnel Only – Lamest Name. Ever.
I can’t believe they are adding even more groups to this show.
I can’t believe this is the best name they could  come up with. At least with SD-6, The Covenant, The Alliance, and others there was something ominous, hinting at power, appealing to everyone’s inner conspiracy theorist. Authorized Personnel Only is pure copout.

Sloane – Again?
Ron Rifkin as Sloane was a terrific bad guy. But do we need to see him again? I think the show was quite popular at this point and still had some element for fun for the actors as of Season 3. The show has had an impressive array of quality guest stars.
I can’t believe they had to limit themselves to the current stable and bring Sloane back in this role. A new section leader could have injected some new energy into the show while the writing continued into ever-mystifying depths of its own mythology. I new leader would have been a better show shake-up than Nadia, Sloane’s daughter and Sydney’s half-sister. I smell a cousin Oliver.

Weiss Joins APO – no prob!
I can’t believe when APO rescues Weiss, he just becomes a member of the team without one word of explanation. My understanding is APO is pretty heavy duty black ops but apparently anyone can just walk in – like Nadia. Also, I have a problem with their covert entrance. Archer via their cleaners storefront and even Get Smart’s phone booth have more interesting and entertaining front doors.

It’s the disguises stupid!
I can’t believe 
they would try to make a fun show into something serious. This is the show that wigs built. We want the silly plots, the outrageous disguises with a touch of badness. What I don’t want is pseudo-vampirism, watching Sydney bitch about Sloane, bitch about her dad, bitch about Vaughn, bitch about her past or her job. I don’t want her bitching at all. I want her in a pink wig and 4 inch heels going down a briefcase luge escaping a mountain lair.

Where’s Rambaldi?
I can’t believe
I’m saying this but where is Rambaldi? While I thought it was silly I find myself missing the larger arc of Rambaldi and definitely missing a lighter bad guy than communists, biochemical warfare and rogue agents.