Oh so many moons ago I said I was going to watch King of the Hill from start to finish. For the record I’m on episode 7. The thing is it’s not that I didn’t enjoy KotH, the thing is I was blown away by how good it was from the beginning. I feel like I have to really appreciate it and watch every episode for feat of missing something. And if you think I’m kidding even the slightest you obviously don’t know about my Simpsons filing system.


Alias first aired Sunday, September 30, 2001. Think about that date. Sydney talking about her patriotism, questioning who is a real patriot, and her strained relationship with her father are all pretty interesting in this context. I also think people just wanted to see a super talented American spy succeeding week after week. I am mildly interested and pretty well entertained by everyone’s search for this dopey Rambaldi stuff but it pales in comparison to my enthrallment with Peggy Hill’s boiler room/office, Hank’s narrah urethra and Bobby doing anything. I can have it on but I don’t have to savor every second of it. I can still have a life.

I remember wanting to watch Alias because of my aforementioned affection for spy stories and bad ass females and had heard good things. But I didn’t and then I soon went to pastry school. School started so early I had to leave at 5:45am. I worked right out of school on a dinner shift at a hotel and my veiwing habits went haywire for a few years. I missed many shows that debuted that year – American Idol, Firefly, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Monk. Remember this was pre-DVR so taping something was kind of a pain I did however manage to watch – Late World with Zach.

I can’t remember when or why I added Alias to my Netflix instant queue except that I like Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan and Bradley Cooper and I always kind of wanted to watch it. I like spy stories and empowered female leads who kick butt. I’d also read things here and there so SPOILER ALERT – I knew Sidney Bristow’s mom was alive, a baddie and played by Lena Olin. I’d also heard through the grapevine that the series took a dip into the absurd with the final season focusing on some philosopher’s stone or the like. So not so much into that in a spy story context but my sister told me the first couple of seasons were really fun. DORIS W – that’s all I know! So into the queue.

I started watching the week of Thanksgiving and just made it through the first season. I’m not in the right mood to do any heavy duty analysis here but here are some thoughts. Raul and dare I dream – Doris W – may want to comment.

– Bradley Cooper is soooo gentle! The caddish dick from Wedding Crashers and The Hangover is nowhere to be seen.
– Jennifer Garner runs A LOT. No wonder she’s so fit. She’s in most of the scenes and at some point is at a dead sprint most of the episodes.
– Francie is kind of a dope and a little self-involved. But I buy that she would be a good roommate for Sydney because of those traits.
– Despite learning that she was duped for the last seven years by SD-6, Sydney continues to be duped by her mom, by various reports that her dad is a bad guy, her ex-boyfriend. As my sister said, for a spy she sure gets fooled a lot.
– the guy who plays Sark was also on the Vampire Diaries as a bad guy vampire hunter and is now on Once Upon a Time as Dr. Frankenstein. I know Raul and Doris W don’t give a shit about these shows but it’s kind of fun seeing him so young.
– all the fake organizations are kind of annoying – SD-6, The Alliance, K Directorate, The Triad – god I get it but still – eh.
– I am impressed by how many global locations LA and the Valley can stand in for. I’m assuming they never left Los Angeles or Orange County.
– Why are the Alias fight scenes so much better than on Buffy? Does it really come down to budget?
– This show is very well cast.
– Season 1 finale revealing The Man is Laura Bristow/Irina Derevko is an awesome season closer and terrific reveal.

I’ve just started watching Season 2. Lena Olin is fantastic. I struggled through Lost so I know J.J. Abrams never met an overwrought mythology he didn’t like. The Rambaldi stuff is already pretty prominent and I knew beforehand it was going there but I was surprised they introduced it so early.

While I am enjoying the show, it is also not so engaging and complex that I can’t burn through several episodes at a time while attending to other matters – email, Words with Friends, making dinner. For now, it suits my viewing needs just fine.