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Chinese champion Dong Dong looks at the world below, from upside-down.

The trampoline just doesn’t enjoy the same status as artistic gymnastics. It’s relegated to a status even lower than rhythmic gymnastics by most of the press. (And I have a special place in my heart for rhythmic gymnastics.) Nobody goes wild for trampolining? Maybe some network executives and the world at large should see more of Dong Dong, the Chinese Read the rest of this entry »

Matthew Mitcham exposes the insole from the Australian uniform footwear. He always brings something unique – even to a uniform.

Though his generation is guilty of turning the ukelele into a hipster accoutrement that has transgressed the line of cute and simple into unbearable and overdone, especially in ostensibly sincere but more accurately cloying covers, Matthew Mitcham has once again beaten the odds and made the instrument fleetingly fun.

He first beat the odds first four years ago in Beijing when he knocked off China’s two top divers in the final round of dives to win the gold medal in Read the rest of this entry »

I accidentally gave myself a Rorschach test while looking at the flag borne by the leader of the Russian athletes in this procession. I’ve already discussed my great displeasure in the design. Now matters are more complicated as I’ve discovered two bulbous penises engaged in what I imagine to be frottage.

Just as I reckoned that the unflattering grey Read the rest of this entry »

Team U.S.A. celebrates their gold medal in what I can only call Gulag Grey.

Why are the U.S. athletes on the podium dressed like proletariats from the Cold War Soviet Union? Did Nike want to remind us of the decadence of the bourgeoisie by putting dour grey uniforms on American athletes as they ascended the podium? Shapeless factory grey Read the rest of this entry »

Wimbledon and the Olympics have been stealing my viewing time. It sounds like I’m a sports fan but I’m not. This will end soon. I also watched the re-broadcast of the National Parks doc series on PBS and anyone who’s watched a Ken Burns series knows the time commitment involved. Losing hours a day to these events has made for another short movie list. By the way, I know that is not the real London Olympics logo but I just can’t look at it any more. It’s terrible. I like this one much better. Three word reviews continue.
78 – Persepolis – Terrific, unexpected, moving
79 – Prometheus – Effects, no story
80 – The Amazing Spiderman – Garfield beats Maguire
81 – Paper Heart – hipsters, awesome dioramas
82 – The Dark Knight Rises – good, not great