I just finished Dollhouse. I’m a little burned out on the Olympics or as NBC presents it – swimming/diving, volleyball, gymnastics and track. I can’t believe I had to go to Bravo at 6am to watch tennis. But I digress.

Raul – I’m just going to throw out some stuff and you can react. You seem to have found some renewed appreciation for the show and I just don’t feel it. This isn’t so much a proper post as the beginning of a discussion.

Uneven Episodes
While I don’t think it ever ventured into Beer Bad territory, there were some real stinker episodes. The blind girl in the cult, the rich ghost lady and rich Apollo were particularly stinky. I loved seeing Apollo – and Colonel Tigh on Helo’s new show – but I don’t see the point of it. Also, this show was particularly confusing because how the hell did rich arms dealer Apollo not know Echo was a doll? How long had this been going on and how did they justify her absences? A waste of an episode when they must have known they were on the chopping block and a waste of a good guest. I also thought the episode when she gets imprinted to lactate was really icky.

But when it was good – it was really good. I loved Topher. The first reveals of Mellie and Victor were particularly good. I like being surprised. I liked the twists of Adele as Miss Lonely Hearts with Victor, Victor pretty much was always a delight especially as Topher, and the Sierra/Victor realtionship. Whiskey/Dr. Saunders and Alpha were nicely portrayed for the most part and Adele was a great female character. There was such promise in the middle of season 1 – ep 7 – 9. Then it just got terribly muddled and I don’t think it ever quite bounced back.

Abuse of Trust – How Many Damn Dolls Are There?
While I like being surprised, I don’t like feeling like a chump. There were too many dolls/double agents to the point where I just stopped caring because who knows if it’s even a real character – Alpha, Senator Perrin (Wes from Buffy). The Whiskey/Dr. Saunders/Clyde triple flip was particularly annoying to me. I also didn’t buy Boyd as head baddie but when it happened I just felt like, of course. Why even bother becoming invested if the rug is going to be pulled out? I felt like my emotional investment was being toyed with here and I did not like it.

Echo’s Mind Fuck – Huh?
I really, really do not understand the finale when Paul Ballard is in Echo’s head and why their “reunion” looked like a glamour shot. I also don’t understand how she could possibly have any sanity with what seems to be dozens of personalities coexisting. Is Paul in the middle of an imprint harem? I also hated when Echo was in the attic – which was otherwise a good episode – and she resuscitated herself. Echo managing her multiple personalities stretched it, but bringing herself back from the dead was just too much. Too much heroism, too much suspension of disbelief and too much silliness.

Happy Alpha
Sooo – Alpha somehow became well-adjusted? How? More importantly, why does he need to be? And why was he making new dolls? I liked seeing Wash back on a show. I think he, like Victor, have incredible range and I bought every second of everything they did but I feel like they were just throwing everyone they possibly could into the last episode for no other reason than it was the last episode.

Not All Bad
I did buy and like Adele’s change at the end to maternal figure especially her fierce devotion to Topher. I also liked cracked Topher. I thought Bennett (River of Firefly) was great and her nerd love with Topher was particularly sweet. While I still think Sierra’s face looks like a fun house mirror reflection, she and Victor were standouts. I hope they get more work soon. I liked normal girl Mellie in this house of superior specimens. And it goes without saying, Tahmoh Penikett is a totally believable gentle giant.

Eliza Dushku – Still Not Buying It
All of the above performances made it that much harder to have Eliza Dushku as the lead. While there were moments here and there I just couldn’t get there with her. Her character had so much going on and I wanted to be more sympathetic but I found myself in disbelief more often than distress over her predicaments.

This might be a case where watching a show streaming is to the show’s detriment. Maybe if I’d had a week in between each episode I would have had more time to digest. Raul – I don’t know if you’ve finished rewatching the whole series – something I will not be doing – but maybe you remember enough to comment. Or maybe you can just justify the series finale.