Fantastic AIP 1968 trash!  After seeing an old movie poster reproduction for this stuck on a fridge for years, I’d assumed it was in b/w, but no, AIP delivers in scorching hues of blue Arizona sky and endless dusty desert sand.  And in stunning blondes!  If you’re gonna surprise me with vivid color, you’ve done your job!

A bland, uninspired rodeo performer marries a pretty, simpering bride, spurning his biker buddies and infuriating his former flame, played by Diane McBain, who L.A. Lady pointed out as such a dead ringer for Kristen Bell that it causes me to ache for a remake!

Kristen Bell

Diane McBain.

Diane McBain, however, has the voice to beat.  She sounds like she’s been smoking cigarettes since the age of five.

She plays the vindictive, manipulative sister you wish you never had, and the unfortunate sister here is played by none other than Patty McCormack, somewhere in between her starring roles in The Bad Seed and The Ropers.

But the stars keep coming!  We get none other than Harry Dean Stanton as the slow-witted, faintly moral biker whose remorse comes a tragic second to his enthusiasm for throwing Molotov cocktails.

The women bikers – McBain, McCormack, and two friends, one of whom looks like a drag queen in most shots – are members of the mob, as noted on the back of their  jackets.  They don’t really talk about any organization at all, but it’s clearly that by blunt force of personality, Diane McBain is in charge.

I’m not sure Harry Dean Stanton is completely ready for the one on his right.

The music by Les Baxter runs the gamut from ultra-square to late-sixties motion-picture “hey let’s dance in the dust”groovy:

The ultra-square end kicks the film off with a bizarre, almost barbershop-quartet-ish, despicably infectious title song, purportedly sung by Patty McCormack, though the vocals, when not drowned out by a chorus, sound like they are from a soused burlesque singer.  Figure that out.

And watch The Mini-Skirt Mob!