Between the French Open and now Wimbledon, most of my viewing time has been occupied by tennis. As in 3-5 hours a day during the tournaments, especially the final rounds. So not much movie watching happened. I debated if I should included the HBO movie Hemingway and Gellhorn or the McEnroe Borg HBO doc but I couldn’t resist including a photo of the amazing hair that is happening on McEnroe and Borg and then threw in Hemingway to round it out.

Raul, I will do my best to make a collage of the actual movies I’ve seen. I was just being lazy before because the thought of looking for 70 movie posters and resizing them – well it just wasn’t going to happen.

72 – Shattered Glass – where’s Hayden Christensen?
73 – X Men First Class – lost it’s shine
74 – Hemingway & Gellhorn – it was fine
75 – McEnroe – Borg, Fire & Ice – fucking awesome hair
76 – Moonrise Kingdom – Anderson’s new story
77 – Apollo 13 – still got nervous

Wimbledon ends July 8 and the heat is keeping me indoors so I should be back on track for July.