We all like giving each other show recommendations, sometimes with impassioned defense. Raul and I are completists and will warn appropriately if toughing it out through early episodes is required because you – just – can’t – skip – episodes. I believe Raul and I are alike in that forcing ourselves to suffer through the lousiest episode is less painful than managing the OCD gremlin of wondering if we missed something in a skipped show.

I’ve decided to give myself an assignment this time – I’m going to watch Mike Judge’s King of the Hill straight through in its entirety.

I have never been a religious viewer of KotH which is weird because I think I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve seen. I also haven’t bought the DVDs. I have no explanation for this. My mom watches and reads almost exclusively the classics or things of the British ilk. She is a loyal PBS fan of Masterpiece, Prime Suspect and writers who have been dead a buried for at least a century. But even she likes King of the Hill. My sister is also a fan. While I don’t use it as a litmus test, I find that I like people who like the show.

Raul I am requiring you to watch with me but I will be giving you periodic episode assignments to discuss.

I am looking forward to:
– seeing the evolution of these complex, insightful and very American characters
– Chuck Mangione as Chuck Mangione. That casting alone warrants a viewing.
– Tom Petty as Lucky, more inspired casting
– being reminded of cultural highlights from the show’s run from 1997-2010
– Bobby Hill, Bobby Hill, Bobby Hill

There are 13 seasons and all 259 episodes are streaming on Netflix. Tomorrow is episode 1.

Raul the first assignment is episode 1. Yup.