Ok Raul. I’ve watched the first three episodes of Dollhouse. I’m going to wait till I watch the whole season before I write about it in full but I thought I’d give you updates along the way. By the way, I’m glad I waited until the third episode to even look for photos to post because I would have given myself a spoiler by finding out the Russian informant was an Active.

Anyway, initial thoughts.

Eliza Dushku is not a good actress. She doesn’t have range, has some default jive girl setting when she doesn’t know what else to do and even though she is textbook hot, cannot dance sexy to save her life. This was evidenced as Faith in Buffy and confirmed here in Dollhouse. Why not? Seriously I don’t get it.  They have stripper pole exercise classes for crying out loud. Get her to a chick gym, take a pole class and work it like a runaway. Or how about this – no more dancing. Please. I will keep watching of course but Raul you were right on that she is the weak link. Unfortunately, she’s the lead.

*Raul* doesn’t this photo look suspiciously like the Nikita promos?


However, Tahmoh Penikett is firing on all of his 6 pack cylinders. Good lord why wasn’t he shirtless more on BSG? Someone swab this guy and cryo that shit – the abs, that jawline and his oh so adorable underbite. I like his gentle giant demeanor and look forward to when he gets sucked into the Dollhouse proper. I am guessing it involves Echo but I am hoping it involves Olivia Williams. Sorry – still learning the character names.


Olivia Williams. I loved her as Miss Cross in Rushmore and am happy to see her here. I can’t quite remember everything you said in your post Raul – I’m avoiding rereading it in case there were spoilers – but she seems to be a good anchor. She’s running the biz. Although they are hinting that she has a bossman so I am curious about that. But so far I like her very much. Her cool demeanor belies a thoughtfulness. The head security guy is a grade-A dick who really does seem heartless but she seems to feel some degree of protectiveness towards the Actives, even while she’s whoring them out. She has already defended Echo’s existence once. I suspect more. Philosopher pimp?


A new favorite – Topher/Stoner Geek Genius from Cabin in the Woods. I’m digging it. His geek superiority/inferiority. His squeaky voice. He’s getting some good zinger lines. I hope they don’t mess with his character. I also like the ex-cop who can’t stop being a cop. He has great eyes and seems genuinely conflicted.


Adorable Amy Acker – I can’t get enough of her. I buy her sweetness, smartness and general TCB ability. I hope Joss Whedon isn’t the only hiring her. I saw her on an episode of Once Upon a Time. She’s a solid team player. Which leads me to back to Eliza Dushku. Yes she’s hot but so what? The supporting cast here is strong so why have a weak lead? I don’t like her as much as the rest of the cast and I know that won’t change. It reminds me of Buffy. I liked Buffy but I loved the other characters. Buffy seemed like the second string or just there to facilitate interactions between the others.

I will say, I would not have gotten to your Joss Whedon auteur theory on my own but I cannot help but consider it while watching the show. So far, I like it more than I thought I would except for Echo.